Sunday, 20 May 2012

Peach Jelly (Done a stupid thing today)...=.=

Bought one canned of peach and make peach jelly~~ Today i have make a stupid thing...I bought a box of gelatin powder, normally i make jelly by using 'Agar powder', but i can't find it i try to use gelatin powder~ At first, i use one packet of gelatin powder and cook with water, i pour into my container and leave it side to wait until it's surface hard...but i keep on wait until it cold, it still in liquid i think maybe my gelatin powder mixed with too much of water? so....WHAT I HAD DONE???....=.= I pour out the water from the container and cook again with another pack of gelatin powder...Total i make this jelly with 2 pack of gelatin powder!!! Afterthat I just realise agar powder and gelatin powder is slightly different..Gelatin powder must put into the fridge just start to hardern become solid form.....This is finished of jelly with peach~ taste not bad^^ I had learn a lesson today~ XDD

I din't post the recipe because i din't measure anything~haha...(agak-agak to make agar- agar~~)

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